Over the last year, we have been working on our focus for the Moments That Matter documentary, but then we had an ah-ha! moment.

We get stories from various people, but there had to be a better way to explore these stories.

The Creating Moments That Matter Podcast came to life. 

What about the Moments That Matter documentary?

The documentary is still in the plans and is very much a long-term goal project. But we wanted a way to share how impactful events can be on people’s lives, and bring those outside the industry into the conversation.

But yes, the documentary is still in the plans. This podcast is just a stepping stone and is a way to have these conversations now.

We are still looking for more stories – for the documentary and/or podcast – so please reach out to us if you can help us source those.

Creating Moments That Matter Podcast

We wanted to host open conversations through a podcast – Creating Moments That Matter. Something that can be inclusive to everyone, not just event industry people.

This podcast will allow us to explore life-changing moments created by conference/event attendees. This podcast will allow to us deep-dive into individual stories and reveal stories about life-changing moments, moments of transformation and moments that have created communities.

Not just another event industry podcast, rather one that brings in those that attend our events. We want to bring awareness to the impact our industry has on people and why creating events is so important.

We hope that this will also trigger people to share their stories of how an event changed their life, and give those outside the industry a peek into why we create events.

Go ahead and give us a listen and a follow on your preferred podcast platform. We’d love for you to share this with your circles.

The more awareness we can bring to the impact of our industry, especially through a pandemic, the better the advocacy in the long term.

Where can I listen to the podcast?