We’re excited to fully launch the Global Events Collective, a non-profit organization, formed by a team of event professionals from around the world.

Our aim is to create a global community to share ideas, knowledge, research, and perspectives – all with the goal of promoting the understanding that events and hospitality foster human connection.

Through events, research, and partnerships, the GEC strives to be an effective voice promoting the power of meetings, incentives, conferences, and events.

How Did the Global Events Collective Start?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the events industry collapsed suddenly. Through the emotion of that collapse, this tweet created GMID Goes Virtual. [GMID – Global Meetings Industry Day]

#GMIDGoesVirtual brought over 12,000 event professionals together from around the world and showed how strong and resilient this industry is. From this event, a movement was born and there is no stopping us now.

Now, nine months later, #GMIDGoesVirtual has become the Global Events Collective.

The GEC is an organization founded based on the principles of community, growth, and breaking barriers. Our work will focus on promoting the understanding that events, live experiences, and hospitality foster human connection.

And we’re starting with Moments That Matter.

How Can You Get Involved?

There is no denying that events create moments that change people’s lives.

Events challenge us to grow and challenge the way we think. They alter the way we behave. With Moments That Matter, we want to tell your stories. We want to go behind the scenes and follow these impacts to uncover the effect they have on people.

Here’s where we need your help.

We know you have stories about these moments of impact. Whether it was a personal experience, a client’s event, or your association’s event, you have stories that demonstrate the impact of human connection.

We want to hear those stories.

Share your story with us simply through VideoAsk with your choice of a video, audio, or text response.



Every person has the potential to help us create Moments That Matter.

Whether you’re an advocate, a volunteer, an attendee, a partner, a donor, or a sponsor, the actions you take make a loud statement that events everywhere matter.

Whether you are a brand or industry professional, you can help us shape and guide our events and research, make connections through industry relationships. Or simply share your story of how the events you’ve helped create over the years have fostered human connection.

Whether you’re sharing the story of impact through brand events and instances to launching new ideas & interpretations for how human connections are being fostered. Or how the world of events is changing post-2020, to underwriting and sponsoring the events, research, and work the Collective does.


When you partner with Global Events Collective you bring moments that matter to your audience through co-marketing and collaboration in our research, events, and outreach.

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Promote your brand’s commitment to having, producing, and sharing events, tradeshows, incentives, and conferences that matter for your business and your company culture.

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Give of your time and help make a tangible difference to those who create Moments That Matter. >> Volunteer