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  • Who is behind the Global Events Collective? 

After GMID Goes Virtual 2020, a grassroots effort to bring the events industry together virtually after COVID-19 put a halt to in-person meetings, a small team got together and decided to turn the moment and energy into a formal not for profit organization that could be used as a vehicle for industry projects, research, and advocacy. Initially this was called the GMID Collective, but the organization has since been rebranded to the Global Events Collective (GEC) to avoid any confusion with GMID and its sponsoring organizations.

  • What is the Global Events Collective exactly? 

The Global Events Collective is a not-for-profit organization hat aims to create a local community to share ideas, knowledge, research, and perspectives. All with the goal of promoting the understanding that events and hospitality foster human connection.

Through events, research, and partnerships, the GEC strives to be an effective voice promoting the power of meetings, incentives, conferences, and events.

The organization was created from the grassroots effort of a group of #eventprofs and we are building out our vision, mission, and plans as we grow. We want to become a community for anyone who believes in the power of events and we invited you to join us as we build out this community.

  • Are you connected to Meetings Mean Business? 

No, we are not connected or affiliated with any professional association or advocacy group, including Meetings Mean Business.

 The GEC is a newly formed, not for profit organization and we are seeking to work with existing organizations to grow and support the event industry. We are always happy to chat with any organizations that wish to partner with us.

  • Why did you change the name from GMID Collective to Global Events Collective? 

We changed the name of the collective to make it clear that we do not own GMID, nor are we part of or affiliated with MMB or USTA.

GMID is a grassroots event created originally by a group of Canadian event professionals. GMID was created to bring awareness to the meetings and business events industry where all associations, organizations, and partners are encouraged to host events on the same day to raise awareness for the industry.

In the last few years, GMID efforts have largely been driven by the MMB Coalition.

  • What projects is the GEC working on? 

At this time, we are getting our not-for-profit organization established and set up. Our main focus is an amazing project called Moments That Matter

We are a new young organization and we are excited to get started but we know that this is just the beginning. The best thing about a grassroots movement is that the path isn’t pre-determined for us and we can make the GEC about anything related to promoting our industry and we hope that we can build a community that will help us drive the direction of the organization.

  • What are Moments That Matter? 

Moments That Matter was created based on the fundamental belief that events change lives. Events create moments of impact, inspiration and moments that forever alter the course of people’s lives. Moments That Matter is a video documentary that will reveal these extraordinary and impactful stories of human endeavour.

We hope it will be a documentary that touches the hearts and minds of the viewer through unique stories that we spotlight, while uncovering the power of events to create positive impacts on real people around the world.

  • When are you launching Moments That Matter? 

We are currently working to secure funding, partnerships, and content for the documentary with the hopes that we can launch an initial pilot in the Fall of 2021.

The timelines are still being determined as we continue to have conversations with our partners and supporters.

Learn more about how you can get involved.

  • How can I help? 

The best way for you to get involved is by helping us spread the word to collect stories for Moments That Matter. We want to hear real stories about real lives that have been impacted at your events, meetings and conferences. You can submit a story on our website. 

We are actively recruiting sponsors, partners, volunteers, and advocates to join us. If you want to get involved please reach out.

  • Do I have to pay to be a member? 

No, we are not a membership organization. We want to foster dialogue and collaboration through research, events and partnerships. We want to break down the traditional barriers that exist in our industry.

You’re welcome to join our community by subscribing to our newsletter.

We’re also seeking sponsors, partners, advocates, and volunteers so if you want to get involved with a group of passionate volunteers to help build something awesome, get in touch.

The Global Events Collective – Website – FAQ

If you don’t see your question listed here,  please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.