#1001EventProfs For Moments That Matter

#1001EventProfs For Moments That Matter

Moments that Matter invites us to go behind the scenes and follow these impacts to uncover the effect they have on specific people. These are individuals who were able to directly or indirectly reap the benefits that these events have provided.

#1001EventProfs Power Moments That Matter

In June 2021 we ran a social media campaign #1001EventProfs for Moments That Matter. As we’ve been working on the GEC brand awareness, we wanted to kickstart a financial campaign to help us drive funds towards our upcoming documentary Moments That Matter.

We wanted a dedicated period of time where we could reach out to our networks and kickstart some fundraising. Something to get us started, and in the long-term, get us to a point where we can

As we were getting set to launch the campaign, we were discussing the idea of a podcast to help get us to the documentary. What exactly is the point? Collecting stories is always the point. We can’t produce a documentary without stories, but not every story will be a part of the documentary.

What better way to showcase a wide range of impactful stories than through a podcast?

What was our overall goal? Raise $10,010 in 30 days.

Goal Achieved?

Yes and no. We had an overall increase in awareness and engagement. Our financial donors and those that could support us by amplifying our message without donating (we get it – life is still not “back to normal”) helped us reach new audiences.

New audiences = untapped potential for stories.

While we did reach the monetary goal of $10,010 we still raised just under $3,000 which is not bad at all. We purposely set a lofty goal and we’re still happy with where we landed at the end of June, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

While we are still a long way from being able to produce a high-quality documentary, but we will get there.


Can I still donate for Moments That Matter?


The campaign in June was just a Kickstarter to fundraising for the documentary. Fundraising is always open, and you can even set yourself to donate monthly if you are in a financial position to do so.

Will the Moments That Matter documentary still go ahead?

You betcha! We have zero plans to curb the documentary because we still see the benefits in producing the documentary and letting the outside world into our industry. We wholeheartedly believe in the documentary and it is the ultimate goal.

We are still looking for stories about impactful events from the attendee side, so if you have one yourself, or know of someone that has their own story, let us know through our VideoAsk or you can email us!

While producing the Moments That Matter documentary may take longer than we initially anticipated, the patience and effort will be well worth the while.

Producing a quality documentary will take time and money, and we as an industry are coming out of one of the darkest periods of our careers.

Moments That Matter Documentary

Are you sure the podcast isn’t replacing the documentary?

There are no plans to cut the documentary at this point. There is huge value for us as an industry and for those that are outside of the industry from the planned documentary.

When it comes to the podcast we think that talking out the stories that we do have will help us dig down deep to find the perfect stories for our documentary. Not only that, but drilling down into these stories can help inspire others to share their experiences.

We anticipate launching the podcast this fall, but an official launch date will be announced at a later date. The announcement will go to our email subscribers first, and social announcements will follow.

Moments That Matter will start coming to life and that’s so exciting!

How can you get involved?

  • Donate to the GEC. Get your organization involved with corporate matching.
  • Amplify our message by sharing our social posts to your channels
  • Get involved by volunteering with the GEC – from sponsorship to donor relations, social media, marketing and admin.

We are going to continue asking for stories – from the attendee’s view – about how their life was positively impacted by an event, or events, they attended so we can keep pushing forward with our Moments That Matter documentary.

Podcast Alert: Moments That Matter

Over the last year, we have been working on our focus for the Moments That Matter documentary, but then we had an ah-ha! moment.

We get stories from various people, but there had to be a better way to explore these stories.

The Creating Moments That Matter Podcast came to life. 

What about the Moments That Matter documentary?

The documentary is still in the plans and is very much a long-term goal project. But we wanted a way to share how impactful events can be on people’s lives, and bring those outside the industry into the conversation.

But yes, the documentary is still in the plans. This podcast is just a stepping stone and is a way to have these conversations now.

We are still looking for more stories – for the documentary and/or podcast – so please reach out to us if you can help us source those.

Creating Moments That Matter Podcast

We wanted to host open conversations through a podcast – Creating Moments That Matter. Something that can be inclusive to everyone, not just event industry people.

This podcast will allow us to explore life-changing moments created by conference/event attendees. This podcast will allow to us deep-dive into individual stories and reveal stories about life-changing moments, moments of transformation and moments that have created communities.

Not just another event industry podcast, rather one that brings in those that attend our events. We want to bring awareness to the impact our industry has on people and why creating events is so important.

We hope that this will also trigger people to share their stories of how an event changed their life, and give those outside the industry a peek into why we create events.

Go ahead and give us a listen and a follow on your preferred podcast platform. We’d love for you to share this with your circles.

The more awareness we can bring to the impact of our industry, especially through a pandemic, the better the advocacy in the long term.

Where can I listen to the podcast?

Global Events Collective >> Share Moments That Matter

Global Events Collective >> Share Moments That Matter

We’re excited to fully launch the Global Events Collective, a non-profit organization, formed by a team of event professionals from around the world.

Our aim is to create a global community to share ideas, knowledge, research, and perspectives – all with the goal of promoting the understanding that events and hospitality foster human connection.

Through events, research, and partnerships, the GEC strives to be an effective voice promoting the power of meetings, incentives, conferences, and events.

How Did the Global Events Collective Start?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, the events industry collapsed suddenly. Through the emotion of that collapse, this tweet created GMID Goes Virtual. [GMID – Global Meetings Industry Day]

#GMIDGoesVirtual brought over 12,000 event professionals together from around the world and showed how strong and resilient this industry is. From this event, a movement was born and there is no stopping us now.

Now, nine months later, #GMIDGoesVirtual has become the Global Events Collective.

The GEC is an organization founded based on the principles of community, growth, and breaking barriers. Our work will focus on promoting the understanding that events, live experiences, and hospitality foster human connection.

And we’re starting with Moments That Matter.

How Can You Get Involved?

There is no denying that events create moments that change people’s lives.

Events challenge us to grow and challenge the way we think. They alter the way we behave. With Moments That Matter, we want to tell your stories. We want to go behind the scenes and follow these impacts to uncover the effect they have on people.

Here’s where we need your help.

We know you have stories about these moments of impact. Whether it was a personal experience, a client’s event, or your association’s event, you have stories that demonstrate the impact of human connection.

We want to hear those stories.

Share your story with us simply through VideoAsk with your choice of a video, audio, or text response.



Every person has the potential to help us create Moments That Matter.

Whether you’re an advocate, a volunteer, an attendee, a partner, a donor, or a sponsor, the actions you take make a loud statement that events everywhere matter.

Whether you are a brand or industry professional, you can help us shape and guide our events and research, make connections through industry relationships. Or simply share your story of how the events you’ve helped create over the years have fostered human connection.

Whether you’re sharing the story of impact through brand events and instances to launching new ideas & interpretations for how human connections are being fostered. Or how the world of events is changing post-2020, to underwriting and sponsoring the events, research, and work the Collective does.


When you partner with Global Events Collective you bring moments that matter to your audience through co-marketing and collaboration in our research, events, and outreach.

>> Contact us to get started. 


Promote your brand’s commitment to having, producing, and sharing events, tradeshows, incentives, and conferences that matter for your business and your company culture.

>> Contact us to learn more.


Give of your time and help make a tangible difference to those who create Moments That Matter. >> Volunteer

Where It All Began – GMID Goes Virtual

Where It All Began – GMID Goes Virtual

Tweet it, and they will come. 

Spark Event Management GMID Goes Virtual

GMID Goes Virtual was born, and we were racing against the clock!

Virtual Events – Enter From Stage Left 

The thought behind GMID Goes Virtual is that we would gather industry professionals from around the World. To be able to show our support for each other, and the industry itself, in times of uncertainty.

I had been at an event for PCMA Canada West days before the lockdown happened, and you could just tell the air was different. There was definitely a feeling of uncertainty – hotels that are affected; suppliers that are affected; event planners that are affected. Overall general concern for what is going to happen over the coming weeks, months, year(s).

Will there be any live events? Will there be any travel? Will I still have a job?

The impact was felt quickly and the decline from busy to a standstill, felt like it happened overnight. The devastation to the industry was utter insanity, and this was only the beginning. As time went on, we knew it was only going to get worse.

In the days leading up to GMID Goes Virtual 

The number of slack messages was crazy, but necessary since we are not all in the same place rather we are spread out across the world, and we’re opinionated. Professionally of course. There were weekly zoom calls, and of course, there were the dress rehearsals. But still, putting on an event – virtually and in less than a month – was crazy and required all hands on deck.

When you’re working on an event like this, it does require a certain amount of trust with those that are on board to help you. With such a quick turnaround time to put this event on, everything needed to be dealt with quickly and diligently. I am not an event planner myself, but my sense is that this was more stressful than putting on a face to face event, or perhaps a different kind of stressful.

It’s Go Time!

I awoke on April 14th, with so much energy! I channelled that energy into an early morning 5K run, to release some of those endorphins so I could focus.

[Is this why a lot of event planners don’t drink coffee? You’re all running on a natural endorphin high?!]

#eventproud dog


I got myself set up on my computer and pinged my co-workers to remind them to get logged in.

Okay, so I set the dog up with a view on the iPad.

Don’t judge; she loves the events industry as well. She stayed tuned in the whole time!


My favourite part of this entire event was the video from Brett Culp of Stage Story. The video was powerful and hit home – a video that gives all the feelings, literally.

If you want to watch GMID Goes Virtual all over again or if you missed it when we initially streamed, you can relive the experience

The Evolution – The Global Events Collective

There has been a lot of chatter and work behind the scenes as to how to move forward from the grassroots movement that was GMID Goes Virtual.

The evolution is in progress, and we’re happy to be launching on November 19th. You can read more about who and what we are here, and if you want to get involved, head here.

Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to stay in the loop about what’s in store next.