Moments that Matter invites us to go behind the scenes and follow these impacts to uncover the effect they have on specific people. These are individuals who were able to directly or indirectly reap the benefits that these events have provided.

#1001EventProfs Power Moments That Matter

In June 2021 we ran a social media campaign #1001EventProfs for Moments That Matter. As we’ve been working on the GEC brand awareness, we wanted to kickstart a financial campaign to help us drive funds towards our upcoming documentary Moments That Matter.

We wanted a dedicated period of time where we could reach out to our networks and kickstart some fundraising. Something to get us started, and in the long-term, get us to a point where we can

As we were getting set to launch the campaign, we were discussing the idea of a podcast to help get us to the documentary. What exactly is the point? Collecting stories is always the point. We can’t produce a documentary without stories, but not every story will be a part of the documentary.

What better way to showcase a wide range of impactful stories than through a podcast?

What was our overall goal? Raise $10,010 in 30 days.

Goal Achieved?

Yes and no. We had an overall increase in awareness and engagement. Our financial donors and those that could support us by amplifying our message without donating (we get it – life is still not “back to normal”) helped us reach new audiences.

New audiences = untapped potential for stories.

While we did reach the monetary goal of $10,010 we still raised just under $3,000 which is not bad at all. We purposely set a lofty goal and we’re still happy with where we landed at the end of June, and we couldn’t have done it without you.

While we are still a long way from being able to produce a high-quality documentary, but we will get there.


Can I still donate for Moments That Matter?


The campaign in June was just a Kickstarter to fundraising for the documentary. Fundraising is always open, and you can even set yourself to donate monthly if you are in a financial position to do so.

Will the Moments That Matter documentary still go ahead?

You betcha! We have zero plans to curb the documentary because we still see the benefits in producing the documentary and letting the outside world into our industry. We wholeheartedly believe in the documentary and it is the ultimate goal.

We are still looking for stories about impactful events from the attendee side, so if you have one yourself, or know of someone that has their own story, let us know through our VideoAsk or you can email us!

While producing the Moments That Matter documentary may take longer than we initially anticipated, the patience and effort will be well worth the while.

Producing a quality documentary will take time and money, and we as an industry are coming out of one of the darkest periods of our careers.

Moments That Matter Documentary

Are you sure the podcast isn’t replacing the documentary?

There are no plans to cut the documentary at this point. There is huge value for us as an industry and for those that are outside of the industry from the planned documentary.

When it comes to the podcast we think that talking out the stories that we do have will help us dig down deep to find the perfect stories for our documentary. Not only that, but drilling down into these stories can help inspire others to share their experiences.

We anticipate launching the podcast this fall, but an official launch date will be announced at a later date. The announcement will go to our email subscribers first, and social announcements will follow.

Moments That Matter will start coming to life and that’s so exciting!

How can you get involved?

  • Donate to the GEC. Get your organization involved with corporate matching.
  • Amplify our message by sharing our social posts to your channels
  • Get involved by volunteering with the GEC – from sponsorship to donor relations, social media, marketing and admin.

We are going to continue asking for stories – from the attendee’s view – about how their life was positively impacted by an event, or events, they attended so we can keep pushing forward with our Moments That Matter documentary.