Welcome to the global events collective

The Global Events Collective is a non-profit organization, formed by a team of event professionals from around the world. The GEC is the evolution of a grassroots movement in Spring 2020 for Global Meetings Industry Day.

Our aim is to create a global community to share ideas, knowledge, research, and perspectives – all with the goal of promoting the understanding that events and hospitality foster human connection.

Through events, research, and partnerships, the GEC strives to be an effective voice promoting the power of meetings, incentives, conferences, and events.

Our first project is called Moments That Matter which uncovers extraordinary stories of change and transformation that have occurred from the events we create.

Planned human gatherings are where we compete, celebrate, commiserate, learn, do business, admire artistic expressions and, most important of all, connect with each other.

Moments That Matter

We want to explore the impact of events on people’s lives.

 To explore these moments that matter, we are working towards a big picture project – a documentary. 

In the meantime, we wanted to host open conversations through a podcast – Creating Moments That Matter. 

This podcast will allow us to explore life-changing moments created by conference/event attendees. This podcast will allow to us deep-dive into individuals stories, and revel stories about life-changing moments, moments of transformation and moments that have created communities.

Not just another event industry podcast, rather one that brings in those that attend our events.

We want to bring awareness to the impact our industry has on people and why creating events is so important.


Share Your Story With Us

This is where we want and need your help and input. We want to hear from you!

We want to explore these moments of impact, and what better way to get more in depth, than with a podcast.

Share your story with us and have a chance to be featured on our Creating Moments That Matter podcast. 

Launching January 7th, to a podcast platform near you.